Cheers to Kombucha!!!

Kombucha is a healthy and zesty beverage that feels like it "lights up my cells".   My friend and colleague, Aarti Batavia gifted me a "mother" a couple of years ago.  This "mother" also known as a SCOBY (Specialized Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) has spawned many further generations of this delicious beverage.  Give it enough warmth, air, and nutrients, and it will continue to provide you nourishment.  Kombucha is a fermented, slightly bubbly, sweet-sour tasting beverage made of tea (green or black) combined with sugar and a "mother SCOBY" that promotes the fermentation. I use organic tea and organic sugar, of course.  Let this combination brew for approximately 2 weeks and you get a delicious liquid elixir.  Kombucha contains beneficial bacteria, vitamins, minerals, special acids for detoxification and other metabolic benefits.  Kombucha originated a few thousand years ago in China, but has a wonderful place in today's modern kitchen.  There are several websites with Kombucha making instructions, but here's one that's easy to follow.  I make 3 gallons at a time which lasts for about 2 weeks in our family, just when the next batch is ready to "harvest"!  You will see in the photo that I have a "Kombucha Mama Essential Heating Strip" around the brewing container during the winter, since our home is kept at too low a temperature for fermentation.  A SCOBY is in the smaller jar.  So CHEERS TO KOMBUCHA AND CHEERS TO YOU FOR A HEALTHY & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!