Meet Dr. Craig Oster: 21 Year ALS Survivor

Meet Dr. Craig Oster: 21 Year ALS Survivor  He's my patient, my colleague, my mentor, my friend and my inspiration.  He daily tackles the feared and ferocious diagnosis of ALS.  He has outlived his death sentence several times over, was discharged from Hospice, and has partially reversed many symptoms in the past 8 years. He speaks better, has more muscle, more weight, and more strength.  He breathes better and he's happier.  Eschewing conventional medicine, he has pursued holistic health through diet and nutrition supplements, spirituality, exercise, neuro-feedback, and other therapeutic modalities.  I am privileged to be his Functional Medicine Nutritionist and part of THE HEALERS CAMPAIGN which unites world famous clinicians, researchers, Patients with ALS (PALS) and others who are interested and support his healing mission.