Farms, Food & Health

Imagine a conference equal parts Farmers, Food Systems, and Healthcare professionals!  Not the most likely combination, since usually these groups are in silos (yes, pun intended!).  There we were along with educators and others interested in supporting a local, sustainable, and accessible food supply.   Sponsored by Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities, the Farms, Food & Health conference took place on January 29, 2016 in Traverse City, Michigan.  The keynote was given by Dr. Daphne Miller  from UCSF, author of 2 bestsellers, Farmacology and The Jungle Effect.  She riveted the audience as she expanded the scope beyond food as medicine to the farm which ultimately confers the medicinal quality of our food.  It was a thrill to be joined by Diana Dyer, MS, RD,  the premier organic garlic farmer of Michigan who gave 2 presentations.  We've been friends and colleagues for decades!  Most presentations are available, and if anyone wants to see my presentation Trust Your Gut: microbes, food, and health, here it is!