Color Coding

Phytonutrients come in holiday colors! Phytonutrients are the colors of pigments in fruits and vegetable that have powerful healing qualities. Phytonutrients provide cellular energy, protect your DNA, fight cancer, reduce inflammation, detoxify your body, and provide fiber to cleanse your system.  So this holiday remember to eat vibrantly colored foods to light up your life! Think of all the holiday lights and ornaments (white, yellow, red, blue/purple, orange, green) and think FOOD! 

White cauliflower, onions, and garlic. Yellow lemons, beets and bell peppers. Red cabbage, cherries and tomatoes. Blue/Purple blueberries, grapes and eggplant.  Orange oranges,  carrots and yams. Green leafy veggies, cucumbers and broccoli.